Raphaël Briner

Lead Strategist and Product Designer



Stephane Delorenzi,
Business services Expert
Augustin Solioz, Strategic Advisor & Facilitator
Lee Bryant, Org & Culture Expert
John Moettli, Tech IP Expert



Bryan Cassady,
Innovation Expert
Romain Boillat,
Facilitator & No-Code Expert
Matilde Barbini, Prompt Engineer and computational linguist
Pascal Wicht, Discovery Researcher
Fabienne Chanavat, Engagement expert

Data & Processes


Guillaume Beauverd,
Process Strategist
Gabrielle Lods, Data & No-Code Expert
Harley Davis, Decision system Expert
Vincenzo Pallotta, Expert in AI & ML Innovation
Yoann Talagrand, Transactions expert

Documents & Pipelines


Johannes David
, LLMs expert
Philippe Jayet, Back-end expert
Antoine Perdaens, Expert in RAG

Why Choose Us?

Our first-hand experience in developing conversational agents and knowledge + chat systems sets us apart. We understand the nuances of AI integration (deterministic, probabilistic, pipelines, etc), cultures & values, governance, continuous retraining and research monitoring.

Comprehensive Approach

From strategic advice to user testing, we offer a holistic suite of services, toolkits and interdisciplinary team to ensure your AI initiatives are well-conceived, feasible, and primed for successful deployments.

Secured Tech Approach

We deploy on demand the right framework to execute zero trust, zero knowledge AI hybrid workshop tool. Hosted in the Trust Village, we have access to the best-in-class encryption methodologies and stacks, including hardware devices with open-source models and apps.

Trust Building & Risk Mitigation

With our guidance, reduce the risk of failure and misconceptions. We emphasize the need for change (culture as the first barrier) and the importance of clear and responsible intentions (HHH), data-driven design & decision-making, iterative governance and silos management as the keys to unlocking AI's true potential.

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