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At Sand, we commit to guiding you through the adoption of Generative AI. Our aim is to equip you with understanding, vision, and confidence right from the start. We leverage years of building chat bots, collaboration tools, smart devices and knowledge systems.

Meet Sand at our Gen AI Summit

May 29th, Lausanne — Dozen of Experts across Europe, specializing in designing, building and deploying LLMs and related tools.

Sand is the organiser of an exclusive gathering of AI thought leaders and early adopters for a day of in-depth exploration into Generative AI.


Sand AI

As strategists and product designers in the field of Generative AI, we conduct interdisciplinary workshops and utilize AI tools to maximize benefits, bringing new opportunities to your leadership team while minimizing initial risks. We help identify clear-cut opportunities as well as those that break new ground.


Sand Design

We partner with startups to create AI-first products and services, offering insights into the market and competitive landscapes. By blending synthetic data with real data, agent design, prompt engineering and prototypes, we enhance outcomes from the outset, helping you to see what's possible, responsible, desirable, and viable.


Sand Apps

Together with our consulting partners, we connect the dots between the right people and tools for your specific use cases. We support your journey of transformation, including both automation and augmentation efforts. From Front-end to Fine-tuning, we work on the "it" to make it happen.

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Strategic Insights

Dive deep into the potential of AI with our tailored strategic advice. We demystify the complexities and co-design a clear, insightful roadmap to harnessing AI's power for your business.

Discover and Define: Start with stakeholder engagement and competitive analysis to identify opportunities, map critical value propositions and co-define AI objectives.

Break silos: Enable a feedback loop between internal and external experts. Integrate Design methodologies (DD) and Data methodologies (CRISP-DM for instance)  to reduce gaps, bias and bad assumptions.

Strategize and Plan: Co-develop a comprehensive AI strategy with the impact matrix, including a phased roadmap that outlines key initiatives (automate & augment use cases), AI technologies, and measurable outcomes.

Design & UX Research

Our human-centered services are crafted to ensure your AI solutions are user-centric, intuitive, responsible and impactful.

Empathize with Users: Conduct ethnographic and synthetic research, user interviews, and persona development, using AI technologies to generate insights, synthetic data, agents and rules.

Ideate and Prototype: Facilitate ideation hybrid workshops to brainstorm AI-driven products & services and/or process automation, followed by rapid AI & UX prototyping and user feedback sessions to refine concepts.

Evaluation & Prototyping

From hybrid workshops to hands-on prototypes, we guide you through the essential evaluation phases, helping you visualize the future of your product, service or process.

Assess and Iterate: Use techniques like agile product management, usability testing and heuristic evaluation to develop & assess AI prototypes, iterating based on feedback to validate desirability.

Validate and Learn: Organize validation workshops with stakeholders to ensure alignment with feasibility, responsibility and viability, and gather insights for further refinement of the AI product and data (labeling, connectors).

Expert Collaboration

Our network of international AI experts, facilitators and strategists brings a diverse range of AI use cases to life, tailored to meet your unique needs.

Expert Integration: Collaborate closely with AI experts through co-creation sessions, ensuring a blend of knowledge and AI, cybersecurity and business expertise in every solution.

Secure and safe:
Onboard analysts to envision potential risks such as jailbreaking, unplanned uses and access rights. Red teaming actions to highlight risks.

Knowledge Transfer:
Implement a structured knowledge transfer process, including regular touchpoints and debriefs to ensure continuous learning and adaptation.

Training & Development

Equip your leadership with the knowledge and skills to thrive in an AI-first environment. Our internal training programs are designed to foster innovation from within.

Customized Learning Paths: Design tailored training programs focusing on AI technologies, best practices, and real-world application, facilitated by experts active in the field.

Ongoing Support and Evolution:
Provide ongoing mentorship and support, ensuring managers are up-to-date with the latest AI developments and can support their teams with new skills development & practices, test new models effectively and securely.

Of course, significant responsiveness and open-mindedness to adapt to world's acceleration.

Why Choose Us?

Our first-hand experience in developing conversational agents and knowledge + chat systems sets us apart. We understand the nuances of AI integration (deterministic, probabilistic, pipelines, etc), cultures & values, governance, continuous retraining and research monitoring.

Comprehensive Approach

From strategic advice to user testing, we offer a holistic suite of services, toolkits and interdisciplinary team to ensure your AI initiatives are well-conceived, feasible, and primed for successful deployments.

Secured Tech Approach

We deploy on demand the right framework to execute zero trust, zero knowledge AI hybrid workshop tool. Hosted in the Trust Village, we have access to the best-in-class encryption methodologies and stacks, including hardware devices with open-source models and apps.

Trust Building & Risk Mitigation

With our guidance, reduce the risk of failure and misconceptions. We emphasize the need for change (culture as the first barrier) and the importance of clear and responsible intentions (HHH), data-driven design & decision-making, iterative governance and silos management as the keys to unlocking AI's true potential.

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Get to know the ecosystem of the Unlimitrust campus.
Lovely located in Prilly, Lausanne, Switzerland

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